Rolen began his MLB career with the Phillies in 1996 and quickly established himself as one of the top third basemen in the league. He was known for his defensive prowess, winning eight Gold Glove Awards and earning several All-Star appearances. He also had a strong offensive game, finishing his career with a .281 batting average and 316 home runs.

One of the highlights of Rolen’s career was his time with the St. Louis Cardinals, where he played from 2002 to 2007. During this period, he helped lead the team to the National League Championship Series in 2004 and the World Series in 2006. He also won the National League Championship Series MVP award in 2006, and was also runner-up for the National League MVP award in 2004.

After leaving the Cardinals, Rolen played for the Cincinnati Reds, Toronto Blue Jays, and the Baltimore Orioles before retiring in 2012. In 2018, Rolen was elected to the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame.

Scott Rolen is a retired American professional baseball player who had a successful career as a third baseman in Major League Baseball (MLB). He was born on April 4, 1975 in Evansville, Indiana and attended Jasper High School before being drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in the second round of the 1993 MLB Draft.

Rolen was known for his dedication to the game, his work ethic, and his ability to perform under pressure. He was a respected leader in the locker room, and his contributions to the game of baseball will not be forgotten.


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